Our commitment to hair health

From more than 20 years Giuliani is committed to developing innovative, effective and safe solutions for the most common hair problems.

  • Scientific research and innovation
    Each discovery of Giuliani Anti-Hair Loss Research is the outcome of the collaboration between Giuliani's researchers and those working in partnership with European investigation centres. These discoveries are essential to develop innovative and effective treatments.
  • Clinical trials
    The effectiveness of the active ingredients and formulas of Tricovel® treatments is backed by in vitro studies, that verify the mechanism of action of the active ingredients, and clinical trials conducted according to strict pharmaceutical protocols under dermatological control.
  • European and global patents
    The discovery and use of a new active ingredient implies a significant and long research and many tests to prove its effectiveness, culminating in a patent to protect the discovery. Each Tricovel® product contains exclusive active ingredients patented at a European and Worldwide level, that make each product unique and incomparable.
  • Pharmaceutical quality: efficacy and reliability
    Tricovel® pays the maximum of the attention to the choice of ingredients, packaging and production processes that meet the same quality standards used to produce Giuliani's drugs.
  • Listening to consumer
    Tricovel®'s commitment continues even after the purchase in the point of sales. Listen and answer to consumers' questions, register their level of satisfaction is important to improve more and more the quality of its products.